Saturday, April 12, 2014

Upcoming Shows:

No shows this month,but May will be tearing it up with Skizotoxin and Panspermia live @ the following:

Tour with Mass Control May 17th-18th. Unfortunately we can't do St.Pete due to schedule conflicts,but we will be playing Jacksonville and Gainesville

Also Panspermia will be coming out of hiding and will be playing this show with Maruta,our bassist's band Leprosy and Cute and Cuddly Kittens.This will be our last show of the year due to us recording and getting other plans together.Come out and support!!!

The Temple Shall Rebuild Itself in Time....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Current Updates

Want to thank everyone who came out to the shows this past weekend ! Had a blast and wanted to give major props to Joey Molinaro for pulling off two incredible sets the past two nights!! He's still on tour so catch him in Miami if you can!!! Have a possible mini tour planned with Skizotoxin in May with Mass Control(Gainesville) more details soon!!! Only show scheduled is one @ Cork Art District in Jacksonville on May 17th with possible gigs in St.Pete and Gainesville all pending !! Also Panspermia has a show May 31st with Maruta(Miami), Leprosy and Cute and Cuddly Kittens!!!

Also working on a shit ton of recordings and possibly more this April and possibly the rest of the year.Natures Revenge on Mankind 6 Way Split just came out!! so anyone who wants a copy please hit me or my buddy Bobby Maggard up!! Skizotoxin is working on a full length, and 3 splits most of the material is done and about to be mixed and mastered!! Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate is working on new material as well also just finished up material for the split with Bowel Rot and should have our song for the Iron Maiden Comp very soon!!!

More info coming soon!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Skizotoxin Shows

Tomorrow night Skizotoxin plays in Jacksonville @ Cork Art District and the next day in Gainesville @ Display Art Gallery as part of a mini tour with experimental violinist Joey Molinaro.Also have a show scheduled on May 17th @ Cork Art District with Scared Rabbits,Mass Control(Gainesville),Grace Kelly and Con-Rit.More info coming soon.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Future Endeavors

I want to thank everyone who came out to see the first Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate show last night!!! Had a great time and can't wait to play live shows with that project in the future.For now were taking a hiatus from that project to concentrate on recording material for the new Panspermia EP which will be entittled "Cover Ups and Blacked Out Files"  and we will finally get to recording material for a 4 way split with Leprosy/TheCorpseInTheCrawlSpace/KnuckleDragger.The EP is going to be released by Exalted Woe and the 4 way split will be coming out on a label that will be announced in the near future.ANS will be working on finishing up the recordings for the split with Bowel Rot and also our track for the Iron Maiden comp.There is a possible live split that will take place between Panspermia and more than likely ANS as well as a DVD release.

Panspermia will be taking a hiatus on live shows until June 1st when we played Atticus Bar with Maruta.

Skizotoxin will be playing two shows one in March 21st @ Corks Art District and another gig on March 22nd in Gville venue TBA and another gig on May 17th @ Corks Art District more info and flyers coming soon for those.

Close Your Eyes and Open Your Minds....

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate and Skizotoxin

So besides Panspermia I've been working on a bunch of side projects particularly the Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate and Skizotoxin.ANS will be participating on a gore/noise tribute to Iron Maiden which will be submitting a cover of "Murder in the Rue Morgue".Also will be recording material for a split release with AR gore noise freaks Bowel Rot.ANS will be making its live debut @ the Pre I.N.C. festival this Sat in Jacksonville @ Shantytown Pub!!! Show starts at 6pm the full schedule is posted on the flyer:

The other project I've been involved with is Skizotoxin which is currently recording and working on material for several eps and splits which I'll have listed down below.Skizotoxin will be playing live in March and in May more details coming soon.Also will be releasing a 6 way split with a few other projects of mine Pterophylla Camellifolia, Porpoise Disfigurement, Proboscidean Rage and Undocumented Dweller.My friend Bobby Maggard's projects Silithis Revenge and Lair of the Black Blowfly will be participating on this as well.The title of the split is Natures Revenge on Mankind and it should be out in the late spring of 2014.Possible plans for Ocular Aura to finally surface into exist expect sludge/doomy/drone material.More info on all this coming soon.

Release Schedule for the above:

Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate:

Gore/Noise Tribute to Iron Maiden

Decimation of Structure split with Bowel Rot


Cerebral Sanitarium EP(Seeking Label)

Sessions in the Torture Garden EP(Seeking Label)

4 way split with The Sepia Raven/Corvid Canine Canine/Pterophylla Camellifolia(No Lights Tonight)

Split with Con Rit(Seeking Label)

3 way split with Womb Raiders/Guinea Pig(Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Split with ????(TBA)

Other releases:

Natures Revenge on Mankind 6 Way Split(Slithis Spawn Recordings)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year,New Singer and New Recordings

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to our first show of 2014 last Fri!!! Had a great time and always appreciate the support!!! Panspermia would also like to welcome our new vocalist Corey Bailey into the fold! He has brought a new energy into the group and we are excited to be working with him!!.As for the recordings Panspermia will be working on two new recordings which will have more updates about in the near future .We are also slated to release a DVD which  will feature the 3 ambient/noise sets that we did last year as well as some other possible live footage.We are in the works on getting new merch as well and will keep everyone updated on any new live performances that will take place.

Close Your Eyes and Open Your Minds...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Panspermia Show of 2014

First show of 2014 in Jacksonville @ Atticus Bar!!! Come out and support!!! Also our drummer's new band Cute and Cuddly Kittens will be playing as well!!!